Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 607: MathMagic Land

Sometimes Disney DOES pop up in class, in a full-on "We're watching a Disney thing" kind of way. Today was one of those days, when the ever popular Donald Duck in MathMagic Land came up in Theory class...and yes we watched the beginning.

If you've never seen DDiMML before, I'm sure you're wondering about how math and music fit together, and you see, that's the exact point of the entire cartoon! Donald learns all about how math sneaks its way into our daily lives, whether we like it or not (I'm most certainly more on the "I don't like math side of things"). And guess what!?! You can watch the whole thing, RIGHT NOW! (Provided you have time to be watching the whole thing and don't have other homework to do like I do).

This isn't the first time Donald has shown up with his math magic in class though. A number of years ago (gosh..Freshman year of High School actually), we watched this in Geometry class, although instead of actually being for a reason like this time I'm pretty sure it was just because we had an extra day and hey, Geometry is math, right? 

Now I just need to remember to find a straw so I can do that thing Dr. Henson told us about today so we can practice these theories in real life and annoy our friends with little plastic straw flutes. 

Have a magical day! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 606: Out the Door

I've talked about Disney Deja Vu before, many times. Last year it was the train whistle (which surprisingly I have yet to hear) and the smell of something or other on campus. It comes in flocks I find, when my mind is just in a Disney mode and then I seem to find more hints of Disney around me. 

But lately I've been having some serious Disney Deja Vu, and I have no real idea why. It happens every single morning, for sure, as well as several other times of the day...specifically whenever I walk out the door of my dorm room. I just get this sudden feeling that I'm at Disney and should be going to Epcot instead of a class on British Literature. 

Maybe it's because our dorm is sort of in a motel-like setup. No, our doors aren't on the outside of the building, but they are outside, winding around center courtyard that's completely open and totally beautiful: 

Because those doors are technically facing the outside air, it's possible that I'm connecting that to some of the resorts at Disney, such as Pop Century or my home resort of Old Key West. Yeah, now that I say that, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, since I've only been in my room for a few days, it would fit together that I feel like this is a hotel instead of my new home. After all, last year really, seriously, felt like summer camp for a good week or two. The hotel idea is a little different, but I guess I'll make it work. 

The problem? I leave here every morning thinking I'm at Disney for a split second, and while this puts me in a pretty darn good mood, what happens later in the semester, like in a week, when I realize I'm not at Disney and none of this is new anymore? I'll be stuck in the rut again. 

Maybe this is why I've had such an urge to practice my alto...I'm just happier in the first place. 

Have a magical day! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 605: Ursula Mugs

I have a friend here at college who loves Ursula, or rather, The Little Mermaid. Like, REALLY loves The Little Mermaid. Probably more than I love Tangled...and that's saying something because do you know how much I love Flynn Rider?

Anyways, a while back they started selling these Ursula mugs:

And it just screamed my friend's name. So I had to get it for his birthday present, despite the fact that his birthday was months ago and literally I just gave it to him today. But he loved it, and I mean seriously loved it. Watching him open it was priceless because the box and the tissue paper all ended up on the ground and stuff was thrown everywhere and he was jumping around. Seriously awesome. 

Because sometimes, there are just Disney products that remind me of my friends, and then they generally end up getting them as gifts because I can't imagine NOT giving them to them because it would just seem wrong. 

Have a magical day! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 604: Spaceship Timeline

It isn't every day that my classes can all sort of connect together while also connecting with Disney. In fact, this is a very rare occurrence. Once and a while something like music will meet up with something I'm reading or read in English, and if you count in the foreign language then I suppose that fits too. But then connecting it all together and then to Disney?

Turns out, I do this more often than I really realize. I'm constantly connecting things in my classes to Disney to help myself understand the circumstance of the historical period as well as remember what my textbook is rambling on about. And the number one way I do this is relate it to Spaceship Earth.

Currently, I'm taking Music Theory, French and British Literature, which is just an interesting combination, but it turns out that the theory and lit are roughly the same time period at the moment, and French just fits in here and there. But then, in order to figure out what time period we're talking about, I think about what's going on in Spaceship Earth. I think my general turning point is "Is it after 1450? Has the printing press been invented yet? Are books widespread?" and then I go from there into the Renaissance.

But if it's before 1450, then I have to think about the Romans and the Library of Alexandrea and the Monks and everything. It works pretty darn well for me, at least to gain a basic understanding of what the time period is looking like.

Now, I do wish that Spaceship Earth could go deeper into the story of communication, but I guess we have pretty much all the big turning points, don't we? I think I just miss the old ending, despite the fact that it's been like 7 or 8 years since the switch and that's a really long time in the first place. I just miss the City of Tomorrow, ok? I want it back. Now. Is that too much to ask?


For now though, I'll just continue using Spaceship Earth as a reference point. It's gotten me this far, hasn't it?

Have a magical day!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 603: Fireworks Galore

If you've been reading long enough to remember back to last year, I blogged about our school and the beginning of the year fireworks. It's still a thing, and I hope it continues to be so for a very long time. Initially, I was going to blog about something else, but then we went down and saw the fireworks and this just sort of had to be written about, even if it is going to technically be the second blog post about them, but hey, I blog about Spaceship Earth and Once all the time, so this counts, right?

This year's fireworks display, we think, was even better than last years, and honestly we're incredibly lucky to have such a great college, even if they may be blowing up some of our tuition money. Either way, there wasn't music synchronized or anything, but the fireworks went on continuously for quite some time, and they were definitely timed out, something that most of the Fourth of July fireworks we saw were not. We actually said the fireworks here were better than the ones we saw on the Fourth, and it's true.

But that's not all that reminded me of Disney and the spectacular fireworks displays that take place there every day. Unlike last year, I made sure my phone was charged so I could take pictures and video throughout the show, and I posted a couple of pictures.

I actually had someone comment on the first one and how she thought it was Illuminations at first, and she's right. It does look remarkably similar to this picture I took back in June:

The fireworks are out on the water, we sit at the water's edge, they go off from two barges in time with one another and the entire thing just has a great vibe to it. I actually said that our fireworks show here got the "Lizzie stamp of approval," which is a really difficult thing to get when it comes to fireworks. I have high standards. 

We also snuck into the new science building here on campus and went through some unlocked doors before ending up in the greenhouse, which reminded a few other Instagramers of "Living with the Land." They started with the lyrics to "Listen to the Land" and it just made my day. 

And that's the update on the fireworks. I am happy that I stayed for them, since I could have come back to my dorm and worked more, since there's just this never-ending list of work for me to get done. I feel like the only break I can afford is lunch and writing the blog (today's post...not the others). That and my checking social media. But it'll all be worth it, that's for sure!

Have a magical day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 602: All Moved In

What's weird is exactly a year ago I moved into SNC as well, only it was Thursday last year and I was a freshman and that's how this all makes sense. Also technically I moved in yesterday, so that's how this all matches up. Now I'm a sophomore, and I like to think I have this whole packing up my room and moving to a dorm thing down. I don't know, you'll have to decide for yourself.

That's only a picture of my desk, since the rest of the room is still taking shape, although for the most part everything is in place. We just have the decorations left to figure out. But at the moment, I'm sitting at that desk working on this blog, and that's an accomplishment in itself, that everything is in place and ready to go.

As you can see, several of my Disney pieces that you may have seen on my desk last year have come back, although I'm not sure how they wouldn't. Disney is my life after all. There are a couple of new additions too, such as new picture frames, the "Work like a Captain, Party like a Pirate" sign, which perfectly describes my life while also relating to my unhealthy obsession with Captain Hook, and of course, Buckley and Butterfinger, my Irish dog and bear.

Oh, and the textbooks are new. Yay. (You can hear the enthusiasm in my voice, can't you?)

Have a magical day!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 601: Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm pretty sure we've all heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge that's going around the internet. It's in support of ALS, and I highly encourage you to go HERE and learn more about it for yourself because I am EXHAUSTED after moving in to college today and just don't have the brain power left! But I did take the time to go read it myself, so even if you've already done the challenge or donated, head back to the website and learn more!

Of course though, why would I be blogging about this if I didn't do it myself! You can watch me take the challenge here:

Now, as you can tell, if you watched the video, I wasn't technically nominated. But there's actually three circumstances under which I told myself I would take the challenge AND donate to ALS. Those three circumstances were as follow: 

1. If one of my friends nominated me for the challenge, obviously.
2. If Colin O'Donoghue was nominated for the challenge and did it. 
3. If I wasn't nominated or he didn't do it before I moved back to SNC. 

It just so happens that two of these circumstances occurred at virtually the same time, since Colin did the challenge the day before I would of had to do it in order to take the challenge before moving in. So it worked out pretty well.

A few people did question me or give pause when I said I was nominating myself because of this, but honestly, I don't really care. I donated and helped spread awareness about ALS, and I don't need to be nominated to do something good, right? Plus, someone, at the beginning, had to have "nominated themselves" for the challenge. This wasn't any different! 

So do the challenge, DONATE, Learn about ALS! Do it all and let's help support this great cause! 

Have a magical day!